Tour guide and a couple of tourists at Island Gully Falls attraction standing near the waterfall at the excursion in Jamaica

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Jamaica is a mountainous island and a lot of amazing attractions are hidden high in the hills, causing long drives. As a result, some of the most worthy sites go unnoticed.


This is because without knowing which roads to take and in which order, guests might be driving around for hours in the search of at least one interesting site. Then, even if they find it, there will be hardly any time left to fully enjoy it.

That is why we have designed IRIELAB Day Trips! Instead of offering popular activities, such as zipline, ATVs etc., we chose to share the attractions and places that can be found nowhere else in the world, but Jamaica. These include natural beauty of the island, its wild life and, of course, the culture like no other!


Our Day Trips are carefully tailored to include several sites per trip and make each of them an absolute highlight of your time.

4.99 Star Positive Rating on day Trip To Ocho Rios
5 Star Positive Rating on Montego Bay Culture Tour
4.96 Star Positive Rating on Day Trip To Negril

Why Travel Off The Beaten Path

Traveling drives our passion for life. Some of the best resorts and their top services can help you relax and unwind, while their white sand beaches have the most healing powers to treat any problem. 


However, the most rewarding experiences always come from a true adventure when we take off-the-beaten path to discover the unknown and immerse in a new culture. This is when we can genuinely understand a local lifestyle, learn about traditions, celebrate our differences and be surprised by similarities. We believe that this is what the purpose of traveling is all about.


Our Jamaica excursions were created to share the true story of the country - one of the most beautiful, diverse and culturally unique places on Earth.


Join us and learn through travel with IRIELAB to get emotions that inspire and stay for years to follow.

IRIELAB Team and Locals enjoy the view of Jamaican nature near hidden waterfall

Make the Most of Your Day with IRIELAB

All the places recommended on this website, whether popular or less known, are the top choices made by our team of expert travelers, who experienced them first hand. 


It took us over 5 years to explore every single part of Jamaica in order to create these amazing combo tours and make them affordable to the public.


We are now ready to share a short video to give a glimpse at what we did and what you can do when choosing an IRIELAB Experience.

Irie Guest Reviews

Five Star Positive Guest Review on IRIELAB Tours company, that provides tours in Jamaica
Five Star Positive Guest Review on IRIELAB Tours company, that provides excursions in Jamaica
Five Star Positive Guest Review on IRIELAB Tours company, that provides day trips in Jamaica

Take Excursion and Support Locals

IRIELAB is the first Jamaican tour company with a focus on off-the-beaten-path travel.

Our tours are designed to make a significant contribution to the communities across the island. We do this in several ways, including paying entrance fees to small businesses, buying food and crafts for our tours from locals only and creating new jobs at each location where we go.


Some of our Excursions include family activities with some amazing opportunities to help animals. 

For example, HIKING WITH 100 HOOLIGANS, which is a unique 100% charity Experience we run together with Montego Bay Animal Haven shelter.

A share of our income also goes to support environmental initiatives, such as coastal clean-up, and we are currently working with Montego Bay Marine Park to launch a new diving trip to help protect the coral reefs around Jamaica.


We believe in business with purpose. By purchasing our services you directly contribute to the following:

Montego Bay Animal Haven Logo - Organization that save and protect Jamaican animals
Flag of Jamaica - Irielab tours support small communities all across the island
Montego Bay Marine Park Logo and Irielab Cooperation with Them