Please watch our video with TOP 100 Attractions and Activities to visit in Jamaica in 2020 and then check the full list below!

TOP 100 Activities and Attractions in Jamaica

BEACHES: spend a day on a beach

1) 7-mile beach (Negril)

2) Half Moon Beach (Negril)

3) Doctor's Cave beach (Montego Bay)

4) Tropical Bliss (Montego Bay)

5) The 876 Club (Falmouth)

6) James Bond Beach (Ocho Rios, Oracabessa)

7) San San Beach (Port Antonio)

8) Frenchman's Cove (Port Antonio)

9) Treasure Beach (South Coast)

10) Lime Cay (Kingston)

OCEAN: do a water activity

11) Fishing in Jamaica

12) Private Sailing

13) Snorkeling

14) Parasailing

15) Party Boat Catamaran

16) Undersea Trekking

17) Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

18) Diving

19) Hobie-cat sailing

20) Kayaking 

LIFESTYLE: learn about local lifestyle

21) Play dominoes with locals

22) Taste fruits at a local market

23) Walk in downtown

24) Visit a housing scheme

25) Visit a farm

26) Find a secluded local community

27) Learn to cook Jamaican style

28) Hang out in a local bar

29) Taste street food

30) Visit a fishing village 

RAINFOREST: go to a rainforest

31) Irie Blue Hole

32) Mayfield Falls

33) Y.S. Falls

34) Reach Falls

35) Somerset Falls

36) Konoko Falls

37) Dunn's River Falls

38) Fish Dunn Falls

39) Calby's Place

40) Shaw Park Gardens and Waterfalls

HISTORY: visit a historical place
41) Sam Sharpe Square and The Cage
42) Orange Valley Estate

43) Potosi Estate

44) Greenwood Great House

45) Seville Heritage Park

46) Church (ANY, there hundreds)

47) Castles (e.g. Edinburgh Castle, Colbeck Castle)

48) Falmouth Heritage Walk

49) Appleton Rum Estate

50) Fortresses (e.g. Port Royal, Fort Charlotte)

FOOD: try local food

51) Have Ackee and Saltfish for breakfast

52) Spend an evening in a Jerk Centre

53) Visit a Rastafari Ital Food cafe

54) Stock up on patties, they are good hot or cold

55) Take foodie tour and taste fried chicken, curry goat etc.

56) Enjoy a grilled lobster in butter by the beach

57) Visit a simple sea food restaurant and try Escovitch fish

58) Buy seasonal fruits from a local fruit stall

59) Treat yourself in a more fancy restaurant

60) Get local snacks in a supermarket 

WILDLIFE: see wildlife

61) Black River Safari to see crocodiles

62) Rockland's Bird Sanctuary

63) Ahhh...Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

64) Bird Watching private tour (contact me)

65) Burnt Hill Nature Walk

66) Cockpit Country Heritage & Caving Adventure

67) Do a Hike with 100 hooligans! (dog hike)

68) Visit the turtle man and save the turtles

69) Blue Mountain Bird Watching and Hiking Tours

70) Half Moon Equestrian Centre horseback riding 

ACTIVITIES: do a tourist activity

71) ATVs

72) Ziplining

73) River Tubing

74) Mini Cooper Tour

75) Bamboo River Rafting: Martha Brae, Rio Grande

76) Pelican Bar Tour

77) Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon

78) Mystic Mountain Adventure Park Bobsled Ride

79) Rose Hall Great House Night Tour

80) Green Grotto Caves Tour 

CULTURE: experience Jamaican culture

81) Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile

82) Bob Marley Museum in Kingston

83) Culture Yard Trenchtown

84) Go party in Kingston and experience nightlife

85) Have a picnic by Devon House or in Emancipation Park

86) Visit Jamaica during the Carnaval

87) Learn to dance Jamaican style

88) Visit Jamaica during Calabash Literary Festival

89) Visit a recording studio

90) Find Rastafari in the hills and learn about their culture 

MOUNTAINS: enjoy Blue Mountains

91) Holywell Park

92) Blue Mountains Wilderness Retreat

93) Cafe Blue Irish Town 94) Bicycle Ride

95) Drive through Blue Mountains from Buff Bay to Kingston

96) Blue Mountain Coffee plantation (e.g. in Mavis Bank)

97) New Castle Military Station

98) Rasta Village in Blue Mountains

99) Visit Elfin Forest (dwarf forest)

100) Do Blue Mountain Peak Hike

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