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On the 15th of June 2020 Jamaica has opened up for tourism again. If you want to get away from it all, but thinking, is it really safe to travel now, well, this article is specifically designed for you. 


Here you will find the explanation on what exactly is going on in Jamaica right now, and hopefully this will help you to make a better decision about your travel plans!  

JAMAICA is open

from 15 June 2020


Before You Travel to Jamaica in 2020

At this time, all tourists intending to travel to Jamaica have to obtain a Travel Authorization Letter.

You need to apply for it online within 72 hours of your arrival time, please see the link to the official website below.

Apply for Jamaica Travel Authorization Letter HERE

Once you fill out the form, your application will be instantly reviewed and if successful, you will receive an email with your Travel Authorization Letter within like 10 mins or so. Save an electronic or printed copy of the Travel Authorization, since you'll need to show it to your airline agent at check-in and then several times more when you arrive in Jamaica.


Current high risk areas are: Arizona, Texas, New York and Florida. Travelers from these States are required to take Covid-19 test PRIOR to their arrival in Jamaica and have to upload their results (which are no older than 10 days) to Visit Jamaica website when applying for Travel Authorization Letter.

Travelers from other States or countries are NOT REQUIRED to do Covid-19 Pre-test.

Please note, you will need to point out on a map where you will be staying in Jamaica, so just contact your hotel or your host to get the exact location.

Place to Stay in Jamaica During Covid-19

Some hotels are still waiting to be reopened, but there is a list of hotels that are already operating available on the Visit Jamaica website.

All of them went through preparation to follow strict safety guidelines, so you will see that social distancing is encouraged, for example, your breakfast tables would be spread out and so on. 

Guest houses have also prepared and follow the regulations, but before you book a place on, say, Airbnb platform, make sure you confirm with the host first if you can come on the dates selected, because not everybody can host yet. 

When you fill out Travel Authorization Form, you will have to specify a place, where you will be staying.

Calypso Villa is an example of Airbnb Home in Montego Bay, which has been listed as TOP#1 most wanted Airbnb home in Jamaica since 2016. You can BOOK CALYPSO VILLA here.

Arrival in Jamaica During Covid-19


There are two international airports in Jamaica. There is one in Kingston, called Norman Manley International airport and a bigger one in Montego Bay, called Sangster International Airport, and that's where you're most likely to arrive.

So that you know what to expect, let me just go through all the steps that the government has implemented to fight the spread of the COVID-19 in Jamaica.

First of all, you'll see that all Airport staff are wearing full protective gear. As for travelers - the main requirement is to have a mask on at all times while at the airport. However, you don't have to wear any other protective gear, such as gloves etc.

Your temperature will be checked several times, from when you step out of the airplane to leaving the airport.

Your hands will be sprayed with sanitizer at every check point. In fact, all surfaces are sanitized at all times, all doors are opened for you so you don't need to touch anything.


You will need to fill out an immigration form and sign other documents, confirming the same information you already entered when applying for travel authorization letter. You will also need to sign a form, that you agree TO COVER ALL THE COSTS in case your test results for covid-19 return positive.

Then you will need to install an APP on your phone, which is a Jamaican covid 19 tracking system. To save time, you can install it before you come, it's called JamCOVID19 app and you can download it here:
JamCOVID19 app for Android 
JamCOVID19 app for iPhone 

Yes, they will actually collect some samples from your mouth and nose to run a COVID19 test, and they will contact you within 48 hours, that is only if your results come back as positive. If your results come back as negative, you will NOT be contacted.
Note: from 10 July 2020 the test is no longer required for ALL the arriving passengers, but some people are randomly required to do the test, if they are considered to be high risk.

Once all of this is done, all your paperwork sorted, you will then be allowed to get your bags and go through customs to leave the airport.

Do you need transfer from Montego Bay Airport?
WhatsApp: +1 876 431 6785

Travel Around Jamaica in 2020

As mentioned earlier, you will be tested for COVID-19 and the government will be asking you to remain at your hotel, resort or Airbnb for the first 48 hours until the test results are returned.


If you're not contacted that means your results are negative and you can travel around the island, but only within the so-called “COVID-19 Resilient Corridor”.


Covid-19 Resilient Corridor is a defined geographical area from Negril to Port Antonio,  a zone in New Kingston, and from 15 July South Coast area by Treasure Beach and Black River.

These areas are designed for tourism purposes and these are the areas where most tourists usually go anyway, so tourists will be happy to enjoy Jamaica at its best.

However, if you are a Jamaican citizen and/or you're coming to see your relatives, say, in Mandeville or in some other zones, that are outside of Covid-19 Resilient Corridor, you will first need to stay in quarantine for 14 days before you can travel around Jamaica.

 only 48 HOURS quarantine for

tourists staying within 

COVID-19 Resilient Corridor

What's Open in Jamaica during Covid-19

Most restaurants have now reopened from July, 2020 and offer dine in option as well as deliveries. Most are now operating in the same way as they did before the quarantine, except that social distancing is observed, so tables are spread out.


From the 21st of July parties and events are now also allowed. People should observe rules of social distancing and wear masks at all times, but up to 280 people can now gather in one place, as long as it's outside. 

Tourist Attractions are now also opening up, and most will become available for tourists from the 1st of August, but quite a few of them are already operating. 


Please call the place of interest prior to booking a tour there. Alternatively, you can contact us and we'd be happy to organize a trip for you to visit the waterfalls or best beaches in Jamaica! To contact us and book tours with us, please contact us here or send a message to our WhatsApp: +1 876 431 6785

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